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Ashumet Pond Beach Benches and Hit Bulletin Board

Before and after picture of AVPOI benches at Ashumet Pond Beach

You may have noticed the water level on Ashumet Pond is in record-breaking mode! 

As you can see from the before image above our beach benches were in danger of becoming submerged and the wooden slats being damaged permanently. In addition, one of the benches had been overturned. 

So, on Saturday March 21st, 2020 a few AVPOI BOD members braved the cold and water on a rescue mission. Using ropes and brute force but certainly not ignorance brave souls pulled the benches from the water and righted the overturned bench.

We are expecting them to survive now until the spring when we can review for any damage and repair as needed.

Thanks to AVPOI Board Members Ron Klattenberg and John Bowers for all their huffing and puffing!

In a location-related rescue Ron and John also righted the bulletin board on Austin Stokes which looked like it was hit by a truck recently or had one too many six-packs.

My vote is it being hit.

Our bulletin boards are heavy unmanageable beasts so even adjusting them a little takes some ingenuity – both of which Ron and John have plenty.

In these times stay safe and well.


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  1. I have photos of a fisher on 3 separate evenings behind my home at 132 Club Valley Dr. Also have been seeing a pair coyote on the cam around 10 pm and have seen one twice around noon. I know some of you have chickens and small pets so just thought I would mention it.

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