Here you’ll find general information regarding Ashumet Valley Property Owners, Inc., also known as AVPOI.

Ashumet Valley is located in the village of Hatchville in the town of Falmouth on Cape Cod. It is bordered by Ashumet Pond and the Mass Audubon’s Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary to its east, and the Frances Crane Wildlife Management area to the west. Also located within its borders is the Paul Harney Golf Club although this isn’t part of AVPOI. Located to its north is the Joint Base Cape Cod.

The main entrance into Ashumet Valley is Fordham Road off Route 151 – Nathan Ellis Highway – which provides quick access to beaches and shopping in Falmouth and Mashpee, and Route 28 to the Bourne Bridge.

The AVPOI website’s goal is to better link our community and keep members up-to-date on decisions being made, including important actions occurring in the neighborhood. In addition, it provides pertinent local information, and a forum discussion platform to encourage a community spirit among its members.

The website includes both public and private sections. Only members of AVPOI who register and are approved can view the private sections.

Visitors are invited to explore our public sections to learn more about our vibrant community and who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


As the land in Ashumet Valley was developed an association was formed to promote and enforce the rights of all property owners, and manage covenants, and improvements to any areas dedicated to community use in Ashumet Valley. In 1985 the association incorporated to become Ashumet Valley Property Owners, Inc and adopted by-laws which are in use today, and which along with the articles of incorporation, provide the formal governing structure for the benefit of all owners and tenants of properties in the community. In 1999 the existing covenants expired and were not renewed.

Of the 250 or so homes in Ashumet Valley AVPOI represents 206 properties who are deeded members paying annual dues. Some non-deeded property owners pay dues in order to obtain full voting and participation rights of a member.


AVPOI includes an elected Board of Directors who meet regularly to discuss and approve the general business of the corporation, and identify and review potential projects and improvements in the neighborhood. All members are encouraged to attend meetings of the Board of Directors, and the agenda, along with date and location, are posted on the AVPOI Bulletin Boards which are strategically located in the community areas.

The AVPOI Board of Directors produces, and circulates, an annual report to all members for review at the Annual Meeting of the membership in late summer, and where additional business of the corporation requiring voting by members takes place. The AVPOI Board of Directors sees this formal annual gathering of members as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of folks who live in our neighborhood. Traditionally, after the annual business meeting is completed, there is entertainment and food provided for members and their family.

At our monthly board and annual member meetings we exchange ideas, manage projects and plan new ways to improve the community. Active members are vital to our thriving community and you’re encouraged to participate in our meetings and/or contribute as a volunteer on one of our projects.


The AVPOI bylaws state that the purpose of the Corporation is:

To promote the beneficial use and enjoyment by owners and tenants of property in Ashumet Valley, to promote sound ecological practices in the Town of Falmouth and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; to safeguard the natural environment of the Town of Falmouth and Mashpee, and in particular, to prevent abuse and pollution of Ashumet Pond and surrounding areas; to insure good community relations, public safety, and good living conditions among the members of the corporation and between the members of the public at large; and to implement performance of the covenants, restrictions, and conditions mutually imposed upon and for the benefit, of all members of the corporation.

Since the original bylaws were adopted, they’ve been amended several times but the “covenants” expired in 1999. The membership of AVPOI did not re-adopt the covenants but the original purpose of AVPOI has not changed.

With the work and dedication of volunteers and the Board of Directors, AVPOI continues to be a highly diverse community. We hear routinely how much members find our community to be welcoming, diverse, beautiful and interesting. The members help direct board plans and actions. The area is extremely well suited for shopping, recreating, retiring and raising children.


  • We maintain a beautiful private beach on Ashumet Pond, including water safety testing during swim season.
  • The AVPOI Board advocates on behalf of the neighborhood with the Town of Falmouth on planned safety and traffic improvements on roads and intersections impacting Ashumet Valley residents.
  • We strive to improve the look and safety of the community for the benefit of all.
  • Provides landscaping services for each of our entrances and open spaces.
  • We pay for the electricity for the 14 streetlights throughout the community.
  • We’re always seeking new methods of communication to keep members informed and alerted to relevant information – this website is a prime example.
  • We researched and compiled over two years a History of Ashumet Valley from 1966-2018 booklet which is available free to all AVPOI members.


To view a map of the lots in AVPOI click here.


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