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INFORMATIONAL:  Tree removal has completed in Ashumet Park. The next step in the project will be to make the land useable by planting grass once the surface has dried out a bit after the winter. Many have been asking for diagrams and or phase projections of the project. This information can be found in the annual packet received by members leading up to the previous annual meeting. See the attached link for the current plans. Hope this helps with everyone’s questions. We hope to begin the grass planting phase in the spring (Apr/May).


Thank you

Jim Hightower, President


  1. Sir/Madam,
    My name is Charles E White. I live at 348 Currier Road and am an abuter to the park project. I have been aware of a pending project in the park for some time. However, never during the planning of the park was I presented a schedule of work, a rough sketch or finished drawings of the extent of the project either by mail or electronically. I cannot find any project information on the AVPOI website regarding the project. I returned home last week and found the tree removal well under way. Could you please provide me with a schedule of work and an in process sketch or a finished drawing of the park’s finished configuration? Please review and advise. Thank you.

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