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Announcing Ashumet Valley Property Owner Inc New Website

Hi Member,

My name is Cliff Calderwood. I am the current Secretary of AVPOI.

I welcome you to the new Ashumet Valley Property Owner, Incorporated website.

After many long months of hard work by AVPOI Board members, and our partners, helping to develop the site, we’re finally ready to introduce the site to all members in the AVPOI community.

The primary goal in developing the site is to provide an easy way to communicate to all AVPOI members information about our community in a timely manner. It’s a resource for you to quickly find out what’s going on and, as importantly, meet your neighbors online.

You’ll find public resources at the website, but also resources only available to members who have registered with the site – more about how to do that below. Some resources are only available in the Member’s sections so be sure to register to get access to these otherwise you’ll be limited on the information you can view and discussions you can take part in.

I encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages. They contain important information about what information we collect and what we do with it. Continued use and access of this site automatically assumes you accept the policies and conditions explained in these pages.

Before you register go ahead and scan the site and the information available. Become familiar with the layout and where information is located. If you click a Member’s Only page then you’ll just receive a message telling you to login – but before you can login you’ll have to register then you’ll receive your login information once approved.

How to Register:

NOTE: Only owners of property who are in good standing of paying their dues, or legitimate renters of property, can register to receive their own personal login. Each person of a household should have their own login. Logins should not be shared with other people as it poses a security risk to all other members in the community.

In order to get access to the member’s only section of the site you’ll need to register. It’s a simple straightforward process and here are the steps…

  1. Complete the registration form here. You’ll choose a unique username and then add in your first and last name, address, email address, and your address information. All fields are required and used to validate you’re a member of the AVPOI community.
  2. You’ll receive a welcome email explaining your registration has been received and pending approval.
  3. Once your registration has been approved – usually within 24 hours of submission – you’ll receive a second email containing your password. You’ll also be automatically added to our mailing list. Over the course of the next day you’ll receive multiple emails detailing the features of the website and how to use them. Please read them completely and save all these emails for future reference.
  4. Using the username you chose and the password you received you’re now ready to login to the site and access the Member’s Only sections.
  5. There is a facility to reset your password or recover your username if you forgot either. This is in the login section of the site.

If you have any questions please use the Forum in the Member’s Only section or you can complete the contact form here, or send an email to: 

Cliff Calderwood
Secretary, AVPOI

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